Into the Lions Den

To tackle the Bloomfield track we need to ditch our caravan and dig out the tent we have been lugging with us since leaving Melbourne. This is a journey for hardened adventurers only that will put our car - and our camping comptence - to the test. We sail through with flying colours. The track itself has steep inclines, sharp turns and trees so covered in dust that we have the disorientating sensation of travelling through a sepia-toned 3D photograph. At the other end we are rewarded with a famous pub (the Lions Den) and its camp grounds and river bed, an enchanting home base for the next three nights as we complete our exploration of Northern Queensland, having come as high as we will travel before turning around and heading southbound.

The sepia-toned treescape of the Bloomfield track. We are about to make a sharp turn. On a steep incline. Bring it on!
The Bloomfield Falls, our one pitstop along the track.
Unfolding our 6-man tent for the very first time. Enthusiasm is high.
Outside our new home.
The fantastic river where we wile away much our our mornings and late afternoons. We pretty much have the place to ourselves, which not only allows for some topless sunbaking, but also means that when Benji suddenly has to "go poo!", we can teach him to flow with the current. Next day, and all three kids are happily doing river bogs. Downsteam. Just like we taught 'em. 
More river play. No logs - or bogs - in sight.
The obligatory photo with feline.
Adding our own signature to the Lion's Den historic archive.