Cairns' #1 Attraction

There are two ways to experience Queensland’s Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforests: by scenic rail and by sky rail. Of course we want to do both. So we catch the historic train in the morning - which takes us to Kuranda, the picturesque “Village in the Rainforest” and its famous arts and craft markets - then climb aboard a gondola for our ride back home. It’s a dynamic day that leaves an imprint of coastal mountain views, steep ravines, tumbling waterfalls and tropical plants and trees seen from every possible angle.

All aboard the Kuranda Scenic Railway. The ride is about two hours. The first hour is bliss - travelling somewhere without having to do the driving ourselves. The second hour - in an enclosed cabin, with three antsy children, with the day's food supplies almost entirely eaten, and with no form of air conditioning whatsoever  ... and suddenly our car ain't looking so bad afterall.
Toot toot.  
The kids and their "squishy face" alter-egos at the Kuranda markets.   
Our six person gondola lets us glide just metres above the rainforest canopy, so that we can see insects atop leaves and hear the sounds of birds and wildlife echo beneath our feet. It is the most scenic and environmentally friendly way to visit the region, not to mention the most fun.
The view from the gondola, looking down. Taken by leaning against the door with the sign "Danger - don't lean against the door" - before seeing the sign.