The Bihary Incredibles

It's a one and a half hour boat cruise to get to our corner of coral wonderland in the Great Barrier Reef, where we squeeze ourselves into full body lycra suits that make us look like such awesome superheroes, even Benji and Rikki can find the courage this time to actually get into the water. Ten minutes later and they're done for the day (though mightily pleased with themselves). Which leaves mum and dad to tag team it in the water with Boy Wonder Jack - who, for his part, is happiest wearing only a mask (no snorkel or flippers, thanks), taking huge inhalations and then diving down deep, and performing his own sequence of action moves amongst the fish when he thinks noone is looking. Kapow!

"Honey - where's my super suit?"
Mister Incredible and Master Incredible.
We do tend to look less and less hip as we kit ourselves out - all except Budge, who somehow retains a Bee-Gee-esq aura of cool.  
Final prep.
The whole gang out at sea. Superheroes all!
After our snorkelling adventure we board a submersible vessel for a dry-spy on the reef coral and fishies.  Anti-climax? Jack's expression says it all.