Whale of a Time

Four hours out at sea on still blue waters beneath a cloudless sky, up close with humpback whales. It's somewhat of a rite of passage for travellers to Hervey Bay to join a whale watching cruise and with only two days left in the whale watching season, we manage to just scrape in. Having attempted to spot a whale since pulling into the Head of Bite waaaaaay back when crossing the Nullarbor - with no success - we are reassured to see that the cruise gives an iron clad guarantee that we will see one.

But we don't see one.

Naaa-uh. We see HEAPS!

It is absolutely, unequivocally marvellous.

Mind you, the children do tire of the whole "Eye Spy The Biggest Mammal In The Sea" game after about half an hour and replace it with their own game of "Let's Go Raid The Cake And Cookies Buffet Again When No One Is Looking"... but that only leaves mum and dad together on deck to enjoy the whales on their own.

This, a rare gift in itself. Thank you whales. Thank you Hervey Bay. Our four hours of whale watching whiz by waaaaay too fast and we relish every single minute.

Heading out to sea, boardies billowing in the wind.

Our jaws drop open at the sight of the first whale up close and don't slam shut again until we are back on shore.

The all-important Tail Shot.
Two whales side by side. Hard to time the photos to capture them when they emerge, but its easy enough to see their outline beneath the water.
A very solumn-faced Jack feeling like he is about to vomit.
Not from sea sickness.
From too much happy buffet.