Supercalafragalicious Maryborough

We do enjoy a good sing-a-long in the car to our Mary Poppins CD. Suffice to say, our vocal chords are in top form on our day trip to Maryborough, the town in which PL Travers, author of the 6-part Mary Poppins series, was born and raised before relocating to London. Poppins paraphernalia aside, the town also boasts an array of immaculate heritage homes, and a street market that - even for us seasoned marketeers - manages to offer up stuff that is new. A most splendid outing indeed.

Throwing a bit of Bihary love Mary's way.
Rikki Poppins.
A tempting offer outside a pub in Maryborough, but we decide that we have had enough of day care centres for one lifetime.
Sam and her alter-ego, Captain Vegetable.