Hanging out in Hervey Bay

Located right beside the beach and with a water park next door, we are easily enticed into a five day stay at Hervey Bay. Two days are taken up with day trips (one, to search for whales; the second, to search for Mary Poppins) and the other three zip past in a mix of walks, rides, books, newspapers, surfs and swims. Fraser Island beckons from across the sea, but we decide to raincheck any free-camping plans for a later date, when the kids are older and the parents are feeling ... well, more energetic.

As an aside, there have been some interesting developments:

* Rikki cannot go past an op shop or market stall without adding to her stuffed animal collection. She now has a zoo living at the foot of her bed.

* Jack cannot fall asleep without the airconditioner turned to high, regardless of the temperature outside. Entering the caravan at night is akin to stepping inside an industrial freezer room.

* Benji's inclination to call it quits at the tail end of long hikes, sit himself down and refuse to move, has morphed into an everyday habit. Every outing, however short, is fraught with peril. He has, however, redeemed himself somewhat by learning how to wipe his own bottom after doing Number Twos.

* Sam has developed a shooting RSI-esq injury in one foot. The likely suspect? Flat footed sandals that she has worn, non stop, for eight months straight. Time to rotate those glass slippers, Cinderella! 

* And, despite the continuous change of scenery and weather, and the stimulation of vastly different activities every day, conversation within the family still seems to be largely limited to a succinct repertoire of questions, repeated ENDLESSLY. These comprise, in no particular order:
"Can we watch a movie tonight..."
"What are we having for dinner..."
"Can we get a treat..."
"Can you turn the air conditioner on..."
"What are we doing after breakfast..."
"What are we doing after lunch..."
"What are we doing after dinner..."
"How long til it's the morning..."
"When are we going to get there!!!"

Other phrases that seem to get a daily workout include "CAN I TELL YOU SUMFING?" and the all-time-classic (can't-believe-they-have-the-chutzpah-to-think-it-let-alone-say-it-aloud-after-getting-this-gift-of-a-year-away-don't-they-know-how-lucky-they-are-I-cannot-believe-what-I-am-hearing-here-they-go-again-it-is-unbelievable) "I'M BORED!".

On a positive note, though, we have taught everyone to say a pre-emptive "Excuse Me" when they fart.

Jack bravely conquering the wave pool.
His siblings, who don't make the height limit cutoff, are resigned to watching from the wings.
Hanging out in Hervey Bay.
A beach, warm waters and an exposed pipe. The Hervey Bay formula for fun.