Thigh slappin' n' whip crackin' Rodeo

Sure we've seen bulls, horses, big belt buckles and cowboy boots before. But never so many in one place and never - ever - like this! The rodeo in the town of Gin Gin is an annual event and about the only compelling reason we had to drag ourselves away from the town of 1770.

Luckily, no regrets! The rodeo is our entry ticket into an Aussie Cowboy Sub-Culture - and it proves to be every bit as wild and wonderful as we'd hoped.

So for one long lazy afternoon, we cut loose with the cowboys. From the safety of the stands, we watch riders get thrown from bucking bulls, cheer the rodeo clowns who come to their rescue, marvel at the skills and ages of the horse riding competitors, and hum along to the Country n' Western tunes belting out. We may be dressed in shorts and sandals on the outside, but on the inside we are decked out in our very best denim jeans and freshly ironed plaid shirts, boots polished and belt buckles shining. Just like everyone else. Yeee-hah!