Gold at the end of the Rainbow

Rainbow Beach on the Inskip Peninsula gives us our first uncongested view for weeks as we unhitch on the banks of a picturesque inlet.

It also gives us a fresh perspective on how much the kids have grown, as we gaze with pride - and a good dose of self-congratulation - as they roam fearlessly... fishing on their own; conversing animatedly with grown-ups; taking themselves to the toilet; driving hard bargains when negotiating for movies or treats... We are a family of five now - each of us interesting, worldly and mature - and no longer just a couple, with three kids.

Unfortunately Rainbow Beach also gives us our first taste of midgies, or rather, gives them a taste of us.

These tiny, lethal, mosquito-esq insects feast on our bodies with zeal and we soon discover that the innocent looking red spots that dot our legs and arms will, all too quickly, flare up to become painfully itchy bites that take days... DAYS!!!... to disappear.

In the groin of Australia's largest Ned Kelly en route to Rainbow Beach.
Field of Pineapple Dreams.
Carlo Sandblow at Rainbow Beach, a football-stadium-sized cliff top of sand, and great place to tire the kids before dinner.
Carlo Sand Blow is a para-gliders paradise, with an uninterrupted landing strip of sand. The day we are there, the gliders are dotted across the sky... kind of like the midgie bites that will, soon enough, be dotted across our bodies.    
Industrious Benji heads out, umprompted, to collect fire wood and drags his contribution back to camp.